Synaptic City

Michele Katora

Iconic adaptation requires flexibility in the necessity of now. ‘Synaptic City’ is a proposal for Superman to reclaim its symbolic identity as a tower of innovation. This proposal also aims to demystify the science sector by highlighting the trust between public investment and accountability towards the greater community. I am proposing a biotech and life science innovation hub, framing collaborative interactions through the spatial plasticity of modular laboratories. The temporality of this design can fluctuate according to the industry’s needs, while functioning as a node of connectedness to its occupants.  By solely retaining Superman’s skeletal structure, ‘Synaptic City’ activates as a network of cells: each laboratory a temporal microcosm. These prefabricated modular cells embed agency through its function as user-centric models. Optimized for possibility, from the creation of wind turbines, interstellar satellites, AI neural interfaces, or the vaccine for Covid-19, Synaptic City is prepared for dynamic adaptation.